Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tradgedy of a computer crash

What can I do
without you, Adobe Photoshop?
If only I had a new surge protector
this would not have been.
I have so much art for you, oh internet.
The days bring piles and piles of
paintings, drawings, photos..
but, alas
I am computer-less.
Dusty broken computer in the corner.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A rush of art to the fingers

Between breath
Is the pause
Before the out and in starts
There, colors are swarming
Brooding and laughing
Hypnotizing me stop breathing
They wait and tickle
To let them out
They will burst
If we ignore them
When I open
They won't hesitate
Flooding the tiny cracks
Breaking the hardstone that keeps them
They are vibrant
Vast and wild
I am the rich soil they sprout from
And the binding that keeps them
The mud they tread through
And the rain fills them

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New view

Lately my world has been dislodged, and also broken smashed melted and stabbed.

I left my husband,
moved to portland,
lost my friends,
aquired a new cat,
gone insane more than once,
played in three feet of snow,
discovered awesome music,
got my husband back,
said a lot of things I didn't mean,
said a lot of things I did mean,
and experienced emotions I cannot explain
that threw me overboard.

I fell like a jackass
but I heard this is what the world is made of.