Saturday, March 14, 2009

Smudgy blendy

When will the smudge be enough? There is ultimate satisfaction in these colors and vibrant dusts. There here with me in a whirl, then they are gone. Passion, sweat, vibrations from my core to my small fingers. When this is over it always feels so spaciously empty and hollow. Will the smudging and blending ever be enough, or is it only enough during the moment of movement?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mike is moving to Omaha!! 2/18/09

I made this sticker for Mike's going away present.
'beware of Buddha'

I Love KiKi Thor!

Sweet sunny cat!

He eats and cleans his red bear.

Scott's Birthday!!! 2/1/09

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!!! Here we are at East Burn having Sunday brunch!! Scott looks so happy!!

Awe, we hold hands!!

I love these swinging chairs!!

Happy family!!!

Adventure: Early morning fog. 1/29/09

Today we woke up early to get downtown before sunrise for early morning fog pictures. It was beautiful! Here is what we found by the river.

Here is a boat at port.

We drove up to a park on the hill where the fog was beginning to clear.

Trees silhouetted.

Mt Hood.

Me at the top of the park. (I added some color).

Frosty grass super close up.

Next, we warm up at Genie's, for breakfast and coffee.

We make faces and eat yummy!!! Happy times!!!!

Adventure: Silver Falls 1/19/09

On our way to the coast we sidelined to Silver falls. Cold and icy, the air was crispy and nice.

The falls are so nice!!

Me! It is so cold here!

Mmmmm... kissssisng!

Adventure: Sauvie Island 1/13/09

What a sunny day! Scott and Kumo and I fly to Sauvie Island to enjoy some beach!! To our surprise, the island is covered with fog :(
BUT I did find some beautiful grass!

Oooooh! Nice dew! Also I found Some great moss.

And this moss was barely green, super wiggly!

Sweet moss!!

Computer up!

And now for the backdated photos!