Thursday, December 8, 2011

New blog

I have been blogging here for several years. Now that I have switched from Android to iphone, I am going to be blogging on tumblr. Here is a link: i love rice crackers. I have already been sending instagram photos here and they are awesome.

Peace out google.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Post birthday fun!

Natasha!! Now with WIND!!

OMG so windy here today! I make a sweet 28 yr old!


Tis the Abe and the Mikey.

It's ok to admit how awesome my Sambas are.


everyone is playing with their apple toys!

YAY for statue guy!!

Abraham liker små kake.

Oh Seattle, you make me blush!!

"You know when a guy is about to kiss you, he touches your hair." "You mean like this?"

Happy my BIRTHDAY!!

Here I am in my new dress lookin AWESOME!!

Brother Mike, Natasha and ME!

Mars and I are loving the poetry slam!

Mikey and Mike

Abe and Mars

Mike and Natasha

Late night park walk, birthday is now over!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lutefisk dinner at Grieg Lodge!

Ingvill og David.


I'm here at Lutefisk dinner!

This is the part where they tell us we are going to be filmed for a Norsk TV show. HA!

Aliens fra Norge.

The elderly learning how to be zombies for the video.

Sara og Erik. Sarah is still a zombie.


Ingvill, David, Oddmund og Sandra.

Fisk i hav av nordmenn.

Pumpkin milshake yummy burger and a walk in the cemetary with Cupcake.

best milkshakes EVER at Skyline Burger!!!!

Look at how much I love the milkshake!!!

This Burger was super good and of course it had bacon.



Mushrooms of DEATH!!!

Drawing at GoldRush, The Tree that Looked Like Mars, and Thor in a box.